10 Photos of the Young Steve Jobs – What Was He Like?

What Was Steve Jobs Like When He Was Younger?

We all know who Steve Jobs was, but what was he like when he was younger?

On the coming pages we will take a look at an exclusive collection of photos of the young Steve Jobs!

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Steve Jobs Was Adopted

Jobs was a cute baby! Shortly after his birth, Steve Jobs was actually adopted. Jobs always considered his adoptive parents his real parents and held a great respect for them.

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Jobs as a Young Man

Jobs was smart and always did quite well in school. He had a determination to know more and to do things the right way.

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While there is controversy surrounding Lisa, one thing is sure that Jobs tried to reconcile things and had a great love for his daughter

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Jobs Kids

Jobs loved his children dearly and although he did make many sacrifices for work, he always maintained a great love for his children. What may surprise many is that he actually tried to keep his children away from technology as he raised his family.

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Young Success

Jobs became a very rich man after the Apple computers started to take off.

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Jobs was a perfectionist and paid careful attention to the finest design details, which is a big reason his products became so loved.

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Fired From His Own Company

Shortly after hiring Pepsi veteran John Scully, Jobs and Scully had a falling out and the board turned on him. Jobs was forced to step down from leading Apple.

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After leaving Apple, Jobs sold all his Apple stock except 1 share so he could attend stockholder meetings if he wanted to. Then he started a new computer company NEXT.

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Ross Perot

Many may remember Ross Perot when he ran for President, but he also came to become a big investor in Steve Jobs and Next Computers. Eventually the bet paid off when Apple decided to get Jobs back by purchasing Next after Apple started tanking once Jobs left.

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