10 Richest People In History, Together Worth Over $5 Trillion Dollars

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Jeff Bezos may be the richest person alive today in 2019, but who were the richest people of all time? Get ready for a fascinating history we have put together of the worlds most successful businessmen and rulers of all time. If you think Bezos and Gates are rich today, wait until you discover just how rich these 10 people were! We have taken each person’s peak net worth and adjusted it to 2019 dollars to give an accurate and comparable representation of the levels of wealth of these extraordinary people.

Together, these industry titans were worth over five trillion dollars at their peak net worths! We believe many times it can be a good idea to take a look at what successful people are doing in order to improve yourself. What better examples to look at as an entrepreneur than the worlds 10 richest people in history to ever walk the face of the earth. As we journey through the past together, we will take a look at just how these rulers and businessmen made their fortunes and what kind of lives they lived. Several of the rulers on our list were captured and killed by enemy forces, while many of the businessmen lived long lives and dedicated much of their fortunes to philanthropy and the betterment of society. One person on our list even had secret foreign bank accounts and cash stashed and hidden all over the world, making him richer than Bill Gates, a fact that was not discovered until after he was killed in 2011.

On the coming pages, we will explore the wealthiest people of all time and how they made their fortunes…Keep reading to find out who these amazing people were!

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