13 Things About Bill Gates That Might Surprise You

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How Well Do You Know Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is a fascinating man who has accomplished much in his life, but we have uncovered some things about the business mogul that may surprise you!

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1) How Old Was Bill Gates When He Founded Microsoft?

Answer: He started Microsoft whith his partner Paul Allen when he was just 20 years old. Allen was 22.

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2) How Big Is Bill Gates House?

Answer: Bill has a modest 66,000 square foot mansion (LOL). The house even has a nickname, Xanadu 2.0 after the estate in Citizen Kane. The assessed value of the Gates mansion as of 2019 is around $200 Million, so only a handful of people in the world could actually afford to buy it.

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3) What University Did Gates Attend Prior To Starting Microsoft?

Answer: Gates dropped out of Harvard University to pursue his passion of building a computer company

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4) How Much Is Bill Gates Worth in 2019?

Answer: At least $102 Billion (according to Wealth-X)

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5) What Honor Did Gates Receive From Queen Elizabeth II in 2005?

Bill Gates was honored with an honorary “Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire” by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005.

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6) How Much Money Does Bill Gates Give To Charity?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given more than $36 Billion to various philanthropic organizations. Warren Buffett is a major contributor.

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7) How much Does Bill Gates Read?

Answer: Bill Gates says he reads about 50 books a year – not bad! That’s about a book a week and clearly demonstrates his love of learning. In an interview with the New York Times, Gates says, “These days, I also get to visit interesting places, meet with scientists, and watch a lot of lectures online,” Gates explained. “But reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.”

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8) How Much Does Bill Gates Make Every Minute?

Answer: Bill Gates earns about $23,148 per minute which = $1.38 million per hour, $33.3 million per day, and $11.5 billion per year. Not bad Bill!

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9) When Did Gates Start Programming?

Answer: Bill Gates started programming at age 13 and spent long hours and nights coding! He didn’t even own a computer at the time, so he spent extended hours coding at school to help develop his skill set. This just goes to show that Gates was determined even at an early age.

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10) What Was Bill Gates Major In College?

Answer: Bill initially chose to major in mathematics when he enrolled at Harvard University in 1973, but eventually ended up dropping out to start Microsoft with Paul Allen.

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11) What did Bill Gates get on his S.A.T test?

Answer: Bill Gates S.A.T. score was 1590 out of a maximum of 1600, so he is clearly pretty intelligent!

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12) What are Bill Gates Favorite Hobbies?

Answer: Gates loves to play bridge with Warren Buffet (and his family) and also enjoys playing Settlers of Catan with Melinda and his kids. Gates has also been a life long tennis player, and of course, he is an avid reader completing around 50 books per year.

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13) Who Does The Dishes At The Gates House?

Answer: Bill Gates Loves to clean up, after a presumably delicious meal, saying, “I do the dishes every night — other people volunteer, but I like the way I do it.” That’s awesome, Bill, and we bet Melinda and any servants around the Gates mansion appreciate it!

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