5 Things That Made Taylor Swift $400 Million

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#1 Album Sales

With 6 smash hit studio albums, 4 live albums, 4 video albums, and 44 music videos it is no wonder Taylor Swift has done so well. According to the RIAA, Taylor Swift is the 3rd highest selling digital singles artist in the US with over 120 million digital downloads. Worldwide album sales are estimated to be in the 100 Million range as of 2019.

Keep reading to see what else Taylor Swift did to earn her $400 Million!

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#2 Tours

Taylor Swift’s 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour has officially become the highest grossing US tour in history, grossing over $266 Million. Much of Swift’s fortune has come as a result of her extremely successful world tours.

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#3 Business Savvy

Taylor Swift brings together 2 things you don’t often find in a single artist – talent and brains. She is just as much a savvy business woman as she is a celebrity. Recently, Swift signed a historic deal with Universal Music Group, negotiating ownership to all of her master records. Her business acumen is a main reason she has been so wildly successful.

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#4 Talent

Not everyone loves Taylor Swift’s music, but no one can argue that the girl has talent. She has produced some of the most loved songs of all time and all before the age of 30. Without a doubt, her success has come about as a result of surrounding herself with other amazing people in the business to help her reach her goals. Taylor has got talent. No doubt about that!

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#5 Dedication

It doesn’t hurt to mention that Taylor Swift is an extremely dedicated musician, committing much of her time to producing top quality with her work. Most people don’t understand the extreme amount of time someone like Taylor Swift puts in behind the scenes, as well as the excessive hard work that goes into her every day schedule.

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