5 Things Warren Buffett Does That Might Surprise You

5 Things About Warren Buffett That May Surprise You

Warren Buffett is an inspirational business leader who has become probably the best investor of all time. But how did he do it and what is he really like?

Coming up on the next pages, we unveil 5 secrets of Warren Buffett that may surprise you.

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#1 Warren Reads A lot

Warren reads 500-600 pages per day! He believes reading is what gives him an edge and the ability to make the best investments

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#2 Warren Does Extensive Research

Buffett does his research. He studies potential investments day and night. It isn’t easy, but Warren Buffett puts the time in. There is no getting around his devotion, and he gets his instincts directly from his research.

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#3 Warren Works Extremely Hard

Warren Buffett wasn’t an overnight success. He started investing when he was just 11 years old! His first business was earning royalties off pinball machines he installed in local businesses. Buffett has been grinding away for years to achieve the level of success he is at now. There isn’t any magic trick he performed to make his billions. He simply stuck with it and kept on pressing forward, always growing, always learning.

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#4 Be Persistent

Warren Buffett is not in it for a quick buck, but for the long haul. When he sees a good company, he will do anything it takes and stick with it even in the face of difficulty. In the face of fear, Buffett sticks to his instincts and is even willing to take massive financial risks to achieve success.

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#5 Live Below Your Means

This flies in the face of our current American culture. Instead of going out and getting a car loan, why not buy a used vehicle and put that car payment into savings each month. Buffett is the picture of living below your means. He has lived in the same house for most of his life, drives a moderately priced car, and never wastes money on things that aren’t necessities. If you could take one thing from Warren Buffett, it is spend less and save more.

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