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Steve Jobs & Bill Gates have a long history together. The dynamic duo got there start in the computer boom when a new industry was being born. An corporate battle of epic proportions ensued between Microsoft and Apple over the years, but through it all the pair appears to even have become fond of each other. Above, we see Jobs showing off one of his new Apple computers to Gates, who is quite captivated by the sleek design.

On the coming pages we explore the complicated yet intriguing relationship beween Gates & Jobs with an exclusive collection of throwback photos in remembrance of the good old days!

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Gates & Jobs On The Stairs

Between the two brainchildren of these dynamic entrepreneurs, trillions of dollars in revenue has been generated.

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Jobs & Gates at a Conference

Jobs held a bit of a grudge after Microsoft decided to introduce Windows using the graphical user interface or GUI that Apple had pioneered with its computers.

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Lifelong Frienemies

The pair looks happy enough together in this photo! Throughout their careers though, Gates and Jobs danced a fine line of legal battles and public appearances.

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Mutual Respect

Ultimately, Jobs and Gates came to have a mutual respect for one another. Jobs the masterful visionary and artist…Gates the epic businessman. Respect. These guys both earned it and became masters at their own game.

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both were in large part responsible for much of the technology we use today. These two pioneers helped push the technology farther and faster than most others would be capable. We should be grateful to both of them for the work they did to advance technology.

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The ironic part about Jobs getting so mad at Gates for releasing Windows with a GUI is that Apple actually stole the concept from Xerox first! Xerox execs didn’t think the technology was valuable and let apple engineers see the new technology at their HQ. Apple also picked up the idea for the mouse at one of these Xerox corporate visits. Whoops!

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Lives Well Lived

After a very long time coming, the pair eventually got together for an interview to reminice on their past together and their mutual respect for each other. The interviewer actually recalls that it was pretty emotional for both of these business magnates and remembers it being one of the highlights of his careers.

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2 Kings of Technology

After a lifelong ups and downs, Steve Jobs & Bill Gates both came out on top. Gates even came to Jobs house when he was dying to site by his bed and reminice about the past together. Although they certainly had their disagreements, this dynamic duo managed to put that aside and become friends in the long run. We will remember Jobs and Gates for their contribution to our modern world and appreciate people are are willing to go after and follow their dreams.

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