Have You Seen Apples New $5 Billion HQ? It’s Pretty Cool

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Introducing Apple Campus 2 [15 Photos]

Apple’s new place is pretty cool. Apple Campus 2 is a four story circular building that resembles a giant space ship. The new site sits on 175 acres and has almost 3 Million square feet. The new campus opened in April 2017, five and a half years after Jobs, who helped dream the place up ,passed away. In a way, Jobs will live on with such a magnificient building and in the memories of all who use his amazing products.

On the next pages we will give you an exclusive sneak peak of Apple’s new out of this world campus that is almost unbelievable…

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A Nature Refuge

Steve Jobs wanted the new site to look like a nature refuge instead of a traditional office building, which is why 80% of the site is green space, trees, and plants indigenous to the Silicon Valley area.

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Floor to Ceiling Glass

The new Apple campus gets an amazing amount of light inside thanks to it’s floor to ceiling glass design concept.

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Sleek & Modern Design

You won’t find a more equipped office building. The office design itself is sleek yet modern, while still maintaining the minimalist design Jobs loved so much.

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$5 Billion Campus

At a whopping $5 billion cost, the Apple 2 Campus has officially become one of the most expensive office buildings in history. It almost resembles a huge spacecraft ready to take off…

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Unbelievable Features

This office building has a stunning design and features you won’t find anywhere else. It is breathtaking at first site and only gets better as you step inside

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Another View of Apple Campus 2

Jobs will live on in the design of Apple Campus 2 and its many intricate details most of us will never come to fully appreciate…

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Lucky Apple Employees

This has to be one of the coolest places to call your office. We are a little jealous of all those lucky Apple employees working from this amazing building every day.

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Another Inside View

Simply beautiful.

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Underground Parking

In order to minimize the footprint of this architecture masterpiece, Jobs decided to put the parking garage underground. Pretty cool.

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Modern Furnishings

As you can imagine, the building design itself is not the only stunning thing about Apple Campus 2, but also its sleek and minimalists office furnishings. This place really has some zen to it, don’t you think?

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Large Open Spaces & Common Areas

Apple Campus 2 has some pretty impressive common areas and lounges for employees to relax after a hard days work.

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Who Wants To Visit?

If you are ever in the Bay Area, you might be able to schedule a tour of this amazing building, especially if you are an Apple stockholder. We want to stop in and check this place out for ourselves soon!

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Years of Planning

Years of planning went into the design and construction of Apple Campus 2. Unfortunately, Jobs never got to see the final building before he passed away; however, Apple campus 2 is certainly his brainchild.

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Jobs Lives On

We will appreciate everything Steve Jobs has done to advance the technology in our world and his memory lives on in all of the nifty Apple products we use every day and certainly in Apple Campus 2. This place really is an engineering marvel. It’s design grand in scale and vision, a signature Jobs idea brought to life by the hard work of many who were inspired by his passion.

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