Top 10 Highest Grossing Actors of All Time

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#10 Bradley Cooper – Total Gross: $3.945 Billion

Top actors and actresses get paid the big bucks, but just who are the highest grossing actors in the world of all time as of 2019? #10 on the list is Bradley Cooper, maybe he has been taking some of those limitless pills to do so well?

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#9 Tom Cruise – Total Gross: $3.998 Billion

The Top Gun star and Mission Impossible Spy, Tom is doing pretty well for himself after many hit movies.

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#8 Anthony Daniels – Total Gross: $4.041 Billion

A big Star Wars winner, Anthony Daniels has done quite well as the eighth highest grossing actor of all time.

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#7 Andy Serkis – Total Gross: $4.358 Billion

Another big Star Wars winner, Andy Serkis comes in at #7 on our 2019 list.

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#6 Scarlett Johansson – Total Gross: $4.386 Billion

A great actress has recently cleaned up in the super hero movie business!

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#5 Morgan Freeman – Total Gross: $4.577 Billion

Morgan Freeman has starred in tons of great films like Bruce Almighty where he plays God himself. He may not actually be God, but he is doing pretty good in the movie business!

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#4 Tom Hanks – Total Gross: $4.607 Billion

Our favorite Hanks film of all time…Forest Gump! Run Forest Run!

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#3 Robert Downey Jr. – Total Gross: $4.96 Billion

Iron Man for the Win! Robert has done especially well thanks in large part to the Iron Man Trilogy.

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#2 Harrison Ford – Total Gross: $4.964 Billion

And the runner up is Harrison Ford thanks in large part to his captaining the Milenium Falcon in Star Wars over all these years. Of course Mr. Ford has been lead actor in more blockbusters than we can recall. Well done Harision!

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#1 Samuel L Jackson – Total Gross: $6.032 Billion

And the winner is…Samuel L Jackson! The highest grossing actor of all time as of 2019 is our friend Sammy Jackson, thanks in part to his lead role in Snakes on a Plane….or maybe it was Star Wars?

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