Why Larry Ellison Bought 97% of The Hawaiian Island Lanai?

What Does Larry Ellison Have Planned For His New Island?

Recently, Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, decided to start buying up the Island of Lanai. He now owns an impressive 97% of the Hawaiian Island. But why did he do it? What are his plans for the island now?

Keep reading to find out just why Larry decided to buy up the island and his amazing plan for the future.

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Soon To Be An Island Unlike Any Other

Larry Ellison has big plans for Lanai. The Tech Guru is planning to convert the island he now owns to be self sufficient. He wants to grow everything locally on the island using hydroponics and other farming methods. Keep reading to see this beautiful island Mr. Ellison plans to convert into a self sufficient paradise.

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Beautiful Beaches & Coastline

Lanai is a beautiful place and it is exciting to think of all the possibilities Larry Ellison will be able to achieve now that he owns most of the island. It could become a vacation destination unlike any other very soon.

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World Class Golf

Larry not only owns the island of Lanai but the island’s beautiful golf courses as well.

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A Golf Experience Unlike Any Other

The islands golf courses run along the coastline, giving players amazing views of the ocean and beaches.

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Sweetheart Rock

A famous landmark on the site, Sweetheart Rock lies just off the coast of Lanai and is a popular destination to visit on the beautiful island.

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Stunning Valleys

If you are ever lucky enough to visit this beautiful island, you will get a chance to experience the lush landscape first hand. A beautiful piece of paradise that will capture your imagination.

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Famous Shipwreck

Another popular destination for sight-seer’s is the shipwreck just off the coast that many years ago ran aground in a storm and has remained there ever since.

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Luxury Beach Resorts

The world class beach resorts on the island are also now owned by Larry Ellison, all part of his grand plan for an ultra unique green vacation destination.

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Picturesque Beaches

The pristine white sandy beaches of Lanai will no doubt give the island adventurer a place to relax and unwind.

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The Future of Lanai

No one is really sure what exactly Larry Ellison will do with Lanai now that he owns almost the entire island, but it is sure to be exciting to follow the island in the future. Larry no doubt, has big plans after spending so much cash to buy up the island, and we will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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