Will Apple Announce Its iCar in 2019? 6 Things We Know

#1 of 6 The Apple iCar electric car project is codenamed Titan.

Project Titan is undergoing research and development by Apple and as of 2018 has about 5,000 employees working on the project.

Coming up, we discuss we know about the Apple iCar project so far and when they might announce its release.

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#2 Apple Has Leased A 5,000 Acre Abandoned Military Base On The Down Low

Apple is most likely using the 5,000 acres for to test its iCar prototypes. With that large an area, they will have plenty of space to test drive its iCar and get the new electric vehicles ready for sale. It’s no wonder they chose an old military base, as the 5,000 acre compound will provide them plenty of privacy from prying eyes.

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#3 Apple Has At Least 66 Road-Registered Driverless Cars

It’s 66 driverless road-registered cars and 111 drivers registered to operate those vehicles as of 2018. It is likely the final iCar, similar to newer Teslas, will ship with self driving functionalities, although it is unclear when government regulations will actually approve such features for mass rollout.

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#4 Almost Everything In The iCar can be controlled with your iPhone

Advanced remote functionality will enable you to start your car, or perhaps even request it to come pick you up – a feature similar to Tesla’s remote valet. You will likely also be able to adjust the iCar’s lighting, heat & air conditioning, seat positions, and even open the iCar doors from your iPhone. The iCar app Apple maps integration will show you your electric vehicle range and help you plan your route based on charging station availability.

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#5 Apple Has Leased A 96,000 Square Foot Industrial Facility, Likely For The iCar Production

The new facility, likely related to Project Titan, is about 10 minutes from the current Apple headquarters, so it would be a convenient location for Apple employees to commute to. With this much space, the facility would likely be used for R&D purposes and possibly for eventual mass production of at least some components of the iCar.

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#6 Will Apple Announce The iCar in 2019?

The public is obviously very eager to learn more about Apple’s plans to release an electric vehicle, but will the company make an official announcement in 2019? It is definitely possible, but we will just have to wait and see. We are predicting an official announcement of the iCar in 2020, but it is possible the company will push out some information on the highly anticipated and coveted iCar in 2019.

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